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Re: My piano looping video/ and some thoughts

Thanks for the appreciations, Micheal...and all the other people who 
have given their impressions.

I understand what you said and i'm agree with you.
I would like to say a lot about your thoughts, but my english in not so 
good enough.
I can say that i remember that in Zurich i used to exit out of the venue a 
lot of times...because i needed to "wash" my ears before listen to the 
sounds of the nextcoming artist.
...And i'm just 36 years old (tomorrow will be 37 !).
I remember that i was happy to play in Zurich, but at the same time i was 
confused by the speedy performances, even if all worked very well and 
Bernhard made a great work.

In simple words, i can think to the difference between a festival where 
looping performances are showed to a public audience and a festival where 
looping musicians meet themself....
In the first case, i think is more appropriated to have long performances; 
while in the second case i would prefer to have time between the 
performances to...wash ears, to talk with artists and (mostly) to listen 
some words from the performer about his way to make music.
In other words, the 'goal' ofthe festival must be clear from the beginning 
and the best solution is consequent.
But i also know how difficult is organizing such events...

Just my (poor) opinion.