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RE: M. Klobuchars' critique if the 30 minute loopfest performance format was: My piano looping video/ and some thoughts

I read Michael Klobuchar's thoughtful critique of the
30 minute performance style of the loopfestivals that I've put on for the 
last six years.

I think they are spot on and I agree with his frustrations,
but I also wanted to point out  in their defence:

that I have attempted, as much as is possible,  to create as many 
for live loopers to play at the festivals as possible in a self concious 
to foster community;   to encourage young and newbie artists to 
get out in front of a crowd.

The only way to be as egalitarian as I have been with the festivals has 
squeeze as many performances in as possible.

This is actually a fairly radical idea in performance, at least as it 
in the US.      It means that the overall performance aspect necessarily 
for all of the articulate reasons that Michael laid out that I agree with.

I also think that this egalitarian inclusion has really helped our 
more of a sense of solidarity and I know at least a dozen artist in the 
several years who are now avid live loopers who had never even touched a 
looping pedal
before I lent them one to perform at the festival so I think the strategy 
has paid off.

Also,  I have noticed that crowds at other looping events I have been to 
have been
oversaturated by longer set lengths.

I've chosen the 30 minute format concious of it's drawbacks but I also see 
the whole
festival as a Sampler of live looping............intended to spread the 
to the public
and to provide many, many loopers with the ability to see dozens and 
of different
approaches to be inspired by.

It has also occasionally kept some performers from performing at the 
Andre LaFosse has repeatedly turned down my requests to play at the 
because he feels like he just couldn't do what he does in under a 45 

I don't agree with him at all,  but I certainly respect his decision not 

Noone,   with the exception of Kris Hartung and I ever sees the whole two 
day festival
and it doesn't make sense to even attempt it.............it's just too 
So my advise is
to pick and choose the sets you want to see and then avail yourself of the 
unbelievably stimulating
company of the other artists who aren't currently watching a performance 
during the breaks.

Another good thing about the festival being imperfect in different ways is 
that it actually
is making Michael think about creating a festival that he'd rather attend 
which utilizes
different criteria for performance.

Honestly,  I have tried so hard in the past several years to encourage 
people to do their own
small or large festivals as a self concious attempt to grow our community 
and , quite honestly,
to put the notion of a live looping artist in the public's mind so that we 
could start to actually
make money out in the commercial world doing what we are doing.

So,   I still recommend coming to Y2K7 and to performing at it.  I think 
it's a wonderful and inspiring event.

I also highly encourage you to book your own live looping festivals, even 
they are modest and only have 3 or 4 performers
in an evening..................

................ and hell,  because I"ve worked so hard
for so many years with no compensation,  I'd love to be asked to perform 
one if you do!
It would be wonderful do give a 45 minute looping performance in 
if I were to be invited
to do so................<smile>

sincerely and respectfully,

Rick Walker
Y2K7 International Live Looping festival