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Subscape Annex Thursday, VJ CyOps and DJ RasMusis Friday, DurhamNC, USA

Tonight, I will be playing solo improvisational looping ambient/industrial 
theremin and Chapman Stick this Thursday from 9pm to 11pm at the Nasher 
Museum of Art in Durham. I'll be playing immediately following the 
keynote address by John Seely Brown to open the HASTAC Conference. 
Admission is free.

Information at the link:


Rene Garcia (performing as VJ Cyops) of San Diego, working with local DJ 
bassist DJ RasMusis, who has also performed as / as part of HyMettus 
Woods, Odd International, Plural I, and Razor Wire Safety Net), will 
perform at the PSI Theatre of the Durham Arts Council Friday evening 
beginning at 9pm. Admission is alo free.

VJ Cyops and DJ RasMusis event information:

Rene Garcia:

Several events of the HASTAC Conference "Electronic Techtonics: Thinking 
at the 
Interface" are free and open to the public. The list is at:


Steve B
Subscape Annex   http://www.subscapeannex.com/