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30 min festival slots

  I agree it would be wonderful to hear some people for longer.I think 
worth treating a festival differently than a concert. It's more like being 
at a party and dancing with several different partners,any of who one 
go to bed wit at some other time. There are large advantages for 
performers.Esp the focus it takes to get on ,set up,whip it out, engage 
listeners,move/impress/challenge/confuse/seduce them,or whatever you're 
trying to do,then get off and stow gear. It's great practice for being 
at performance,being in command of the whole package. Festivals are where 
perfromers can really get their professional  performance chops 
collegial atmosphere of seeing many performers adds a sort of creative 
ferment that's amazing.Also encourages folks to really express what they 
really have in them,when they know so much of the audience is other 
If you have your mouth all set for a bowl of Cheeios and milk ,smoked 
can taste kind of weird. A Fest isn't  a Concert.

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