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very cool mr walker.

On Apr 21, 2007, at 6:04, RICK WALKER wrote:

> Just for shits and giggles,  I made a piece of music where I only used 
> loops of cash registers that I sampled all over the Bay Area, all 
> sampled with a Casio watch that had a little 30 second lo fi sampler 
> on it.      I used my computer and a microphone to then rerecord the 
> samples off of the exceedingly lo fi speaker that was on the watch.
> Every sound in the piece was made with a store cash register using 
> that watch as a recorder and I assembled it in Acid Pro.
> It's just a goof but I hope you enjoy it.
> www.looppool.info/PhatCashRegister
> yours,
> Rick
> aka |()()p.p()()|