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Re: Nothing to say really....

On 21 apr 2007, at 20.47, Goddard, Duncan wrote:

> >>Oh yes, the band... Hatfield And The North.<<
> good shout, per. the name comes from a motorway sign seen when  
> leaving london towards the north. the humour lies in that hatfield  
> is some twenty miles outside of london, & so the interpretation is  
> likely to be that the rest of "the north" is relatively simple to  
> deal with &/or insignificant.

Thank you for the excellent briefing! A post packed with interesting  
historical details :-)

BTW, there was another cool band around at that time, named  
Gilgamesh. Were they British as well? Just like the Hatfields the too  
had cool Fender Rhodes and Minimoog playing but Gilgamesh guitarist  
was more jazz oriented, somewhere in between Lee Riteneur and John  
Abercrombie, of that same era. A bit more fusion like prog rock, I  
would say.