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Qua wrote:
>I am really fascinated by music from 'found sounds'. A great inspiration!
> -Qua

Thanks a lot,  Qua.  That means a lot to me (you too, Daryl and Per)

You might also like my CD.
It is called Translucent Dayglo Lime Green Plastic.

It features 22 pieces of music using a completely different set of 
instruments on every piece
(mostly but not entirely found sound instruments) culled from 50 solo live 
looping CDs
here and on tour in Europe and the British Isles.

There are excerpts here:


Thanks everyone for the kind comments.   And in answer to one of the 
technical questions
about the recording process:

I recorded onto the watch   (A/D)   played it back on the watch's teeny, 
trebly speaker
into an ATM 4050  microphone into my computer   (A/A/D),
mixed it in ACID pro 5.0   and created an MP3   (D out)  for y'all.