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OT: 200 free plugins for LOOPING madness

I hate to ever make commercial plugs, but this one is just too good to 
if you are processing your loops realtime or in the studio with plugins.

Computer Music magazine from the UK just put out a special issue (Volume 
that comes with 200 free plugins for WIN XP and Mac OSX.

Along with the issue which just set me back $18 at Bookshop Santa Cruz 
you might be
able to order it from) also has 46 tutorials on the included plugins.

Everything you need to make a world class recording is included in this 
stunning collection, from
DAWs to sequencers to sound editors to drum machines to VST instruments 
VST effects.

I"m like a kid in a candy shop tonight.    There are a lot of fairly 
effects but there are also
some really unusual and very creative ones too.

check it out...........probably the best $18 I've ever spent.   I just 
know how they do it.