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Re: portable hand field recorders

L.A. Angulo wrote:
> i need something really portable and easy to operat
> like the old portable tape recorders that fits in my hand but digital 
> mic and 1/4" inputs usb options and all the new
> goodies with a good sound without the need of
> connecting x-tra micros or xpensive xtra battery
> charge device to record sounds, rehearsals,speeches
> etc.
I have the M-Audio MicroTrack 24/94.  It is an outstanding little unit 
but I cannot recommend it for field use because its internal 
rechargeable battery cannot be accessed by the consumer.  The Zoom H4 
seems more suited to the field because it operates on regular batteries 
and I suppose that you may substiture rechargeable batteries.

At a recent concert I gave at the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, the 
MicroTrack saved our (mind3Spiral) bacon because the CDR recording was 
way overdriven.