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Re: portable hand field recorders-Edirol R-09

Hi !

I have the Edirol R-09 and I am very pleased with it.
I am very happy with the sound I get when I record
myself jamming with my mac. The sound - who then also
is made up from the acoustics of the my room - has
made me more interested in mics - roomacoustics -
micplacment etc. Because to me its much more like the
natural sound of instruments -and the way I like it.
When playing direct into my interface - I think  I
loose some of this natural sound. Having said this - I
also love fx. R-09 sounded so nice - when recordings
livesound - that it made me wanne explore the topic of
acoustics even further. Havent tried any other
recorder - so I cant compare.

best regards Rune Fagereng

--- Bill Fox <billyfox@soundscapes.us> skrev:

> Bill Fox wrote:
> > Raul Bonell wrote:
> >> Does anybody has any esperience with the Edirol?
> I found the Edirol at $340!  
> Cheers,
> Bill

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