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Re: Björk on Pärt among others... movie clips

Bjork is hilarious with her cricket/Pinnochio analogy... I love her.  
I just imagine the look on her A&R guy's face when she tries to  
explain her music videos to him....

thanks for the link Per. This is from 10 years ago apparently. Very  
interesting food for thought.

To take Bjork's theory about complexity and lack thereof one step  
further... consider the concept that "complex" music becomes a drone  
if it's complex enough.
Like Coltrane's wall of sound concept. Isn't that also minimalism by  
the virtue that a wall of sound is created? All the notes running  
together create a macrocosm of texture, right?
So... in my mind there is not much difference between that and the  
Brian Eno Ambient records. They are both a wall of sound.

The only tangible difference between Coltrane's era and today is not  
complexity, it's that people are less willing to spend time learning  
how to play their instruments to the level where they can achieve  
that textural wall of sound through complexity. They'd rather push a  
button and look inside that one note sound to find complexity. I  
suppose that's due to technology and the fact that we ARE getting  
physically lazier as a species. You'll notice that even though Bjork  
is eschewing complexity she is still looking for it within the one  
note and demanding that we see it with her so she can justify her  

To say that there is a microcosm within one note therefore perceiving  
that one note as complex and forgetting that the opposite is true is  
just shortsighted and false intellectualism.
That being said I did also find the documentaries fascinating and I  
do love and respect Bjork.

just my opinion of course...


>> HI,
>> Some nice video documentary clips found in the internet by my RSS   
>> spider today:
>> http://createdigitalmusic.com/2007/04/23/embracing-simplicity- 
>> bjork- hangs-with-legendary-minimalists-timbaland/
>> She's putting on the educational hat by talking about the move  
>> "from complexity to texture" in modern music and interviews some  
>> important figures. Very inspiring documentaries. Hope you like  
>> them too.
>> per