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echoplex digital pro no longer supported by gibson?!?!?

hi there

the nice people at gibson suggested i try contacting this board since  
apparently they no longer support their echoplex product line even  
though they still own it.  basically, they told me that it is  
impossible to get the units fixed or updated anywhere.

i have two units, using the LOOP 3 software. both are malfunctioning  
in the exact same way. they lock up while booting up, stuck scrolling  
LOOP 3 over and over again.  another variation is the LOOP 3 scroll  
and then followed by a 5.0. however, it never fully boots up.   
ironically, the unit is stuck in the worst possible kind of loop...

i've tried holding down the PARAMETER key while booting up to reset  
the system, however this has no effect, unfortunately...

i'd like to get my units fixed, upgrade to LOOP IV and also get both  
my floor pedals looked at, as well. they to seem to be acting up.

any suggestions or help here would be great. i don't know where else  
to turn and i love my echoplexes.

thanks so much!

graham miller
toronto, canada