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Ground Control Pro footswitch for sale

It must be spring cleaning!

I have a Ground Control Pro foot controller that I'm about to put up
on eBay but I'll give this list a shot first.

This is a fairly powerful and extremely rugged controller I bought
about a year ago:


It is an adequate controller for Mobius and the EDP because it
supports "Sus" functions by sending a CC when the switches are pushed
and another when they are released.

The main limitation it has relative to the FCB1010 is that there is
only one "bank" of these momentary switches, you can have at most 12
functions accessible if you need to send CCs for sustained functions.

It was designed primarily for people with large guitar rigs that use
the momentary switches to toggle 8 effects on and off, with 99 banks
of 4 switches left over to send program changes.

If you don't care about SUS functions (or are using a device that
doesn't support them) then it can be configured for 99 banks of 12
program changes which is more than you need.  It can be used to
control Mobius in this configuration but not the EDP (except for
selecting presets).

The advantages it has over the FCB1010 are that it is smaller and
easier to lug around, it can use more MIDI channels, and you can drive
a car over it without breaking it.

I used it for about 10 minutes before realizing that I need more than
12 functions, it has been boxed in a closet since then, in absolutely
mint condition.

Contact me off list if you're interested.