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Re: two short reviews of concerts

--- Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
> I kind of lost  
> interest when [Allan Holdsworth] got into guitar
>synths and I couldn't hear that  
> fluent tone I had liked. BTW didn't he take a break
> from music to run a pig farm for a couple of years?

I first started listening to Holdsworth somewhere
around his stint with Soft Machine and became
fanatical during his Bruford/UK years. But I agree
with Per, his work on the Synthaxxe didn't do a thing
for me.

I'd never heard the pig farm story, but I know at one
point well into his career he had a job for a short
time weaving baskets. A friend of mine asked him why,
and he said something like "Gotta pay the bills


np: david torn - prezens


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