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Re: Boise Experimental Music Festival Streaming Live

Quoting Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net>:

> Yes, I'll be posting recordings as soon as they are mastered and I have
> permission from the artists.  You'll start seeing some of them posted
> this week.

Excellent, will look forward to hearing them.

>  The performances this year were just awesome...everything
> from free jazz, all percussion,  and electronic...to acoustic, found
> sound, and vocal. I'll have to put out 4 BEMF CDs just to captured the
> quality of this year's event.

Will CD's be available for purchase?

> My finger tips and back are still soar from loading equipment out of
> the venue.

Haha!  Seems that playing the set is the "fun" part, and lugging  
equipment around is the "real work".  :)