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RE: Kaosilator and new Mini Kaos


I got to try both of these new products today at the shop where I work part time and I was very impressed. Both are palm sized with the Kaosilator being the synth and drum loop product and the mini kaos pad being the effects product. If you are familiar with the kaos pads you know what this thing does, the real star was the kaosilator which allows everything from theremin like textures to scalic melodies, to short loops that you can create and overdub on top and layer everything from drum loops to bass lines to synth and orchestral sounds. I didn’t really delve into much more than that but I had a blast playing the kaosilator through the mini kaos pad. They can run on either AA batteries or power supply, and both have the usual high quality korg sounds. Imagine a palm sized synth/looper, the future is now.