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Re: OT: anybody dealt with tendinitis?

complete this time....

Some thoughts (guitar right arm tennis elbow cured in 1 year)

after several not really efficient osteopathy consultations I went on to
an Alexander technique teacher and took something like 30-40 "lessons"
that allowed me to be 20 times more sensitive to the unconscient bad use
we go thru in our all day and musician/guitar player life.
once you become sensitive to those mis-use  you also learn how to undo
those vicious behaviors

some good and toxic behaviors

1- not be able to stop playing and rest after 30 min
2- not be able to control any unwanted upper body movements
3- knowing nothing about your upper body anatomy.
4- stop over playing by lack of confidence before a gig. play in your
head, sing, visualize instead of doing it
5- avoid repetitive/pattern playing (useless)
6- while you play scan your whole body for tension, release them
7- film yourself on video analyze posture, from foot to top of head,
analyze for unnecessary moving.
8- check your right and left hand pressure on the strings: we can always 
play a little lighter
9- detach your self emotionally from your playing : it is not necessary 
   to grin, feel, mimic, show, your involvement physically to be more 
"musical" all that are unnecessary tensions (Keith Jarrett :=))
10- most tendinitis cure them self after some month...


>Jim Goodin a écrit :
> As I'm aging a bit and after now 25-30ish years of playing guitar among
> other things it seems I'm getting occasional bouts with tendinitis or
> related.  I do home-made yoga and much stretching but every now and then 
> now I get a zinger.  This current one which hasn't stopped me playing 
>but I
> get cautious, began as somewhat of a tennis elbow in my left joint and 
> to have migrated down to landing in my first finger.  The only thing I 
> attrib is my fretless guitar is higher action than my fretted and I've 
> in a period of heavy playing of it.  I've done  ice and as said 
> but interested in maybe getting a thread of knowledge going on any 
> support to these kind of physical issues if anyone cares to echo.
> When things like this happen I'm reminded of the MASH episode where 
> had been through a bazillion surgery's removing limbs.  He was exhausted 
> fell  asleep.  He had  a dream that he was floating  in the middle of 
> in a boat and he had no arms.  Anytime I get anything physical that 
> to me.
> Anyhow tendinitis...
> Jim
> www.jimgoodinmusic.com
> www.myspace.com/jimgoodinmusic
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
> www.myspace.com/chinapaintingmusic