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Re: Eventide Time Factor

I have a couple questions. There's a MIDI in, can you sync the looper to MIDI clock or is that just for the delay? Also, is there an undo function?


On Feb 6, 2008 6:58 PM, Teddy Kumpel <teddybut@mac.com> wrote:
I don't notice the glitch in the looper mode. So, if there is a
glitch, it's NOTHING like the RC50 glitch, which is like a 200ms
glitch. Also, like Ian said, you can make the looper do 48 seconds by
using 1/4 time mode. the sound quality doesn't suffer much that way
like other pedals. I also love that you can make presets that save
the looper time and if you've made a loop in one time/preset and go
to another preset it keeps the loop going and changes the pitch to
the next preset's time. VERY COOL.

The only thing I miss is reverse looping. Other than that it's a
fantastic box.
I'm sure they will upgrade it to do reverse looping soon as it is one
of the most requested features.


On Feb 6, 2008, at 4:15 PM, Ian Popperwell wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> Just spotted your email again, I'd kept it from a while ago.
> Firstly, the TimeFactor is (in my view) an exceptional delay pedal
> with incredibly good sounding delay models, great flexibility and
> lots of options for external control (MIDI, very flexibly
> assignable external footswitches and expression pedal). It isn't
> primarily a looper, although for a 12 second unit, it is very well
> featured with various play and overdub modes, loop feedback and
> filtering that can be changed on the fly or via footswitches/pedal.
> It can shift the loop very flexibly too to quarter speed (48
> seconds), or in fifths, semitones, octaves, etc. you can move the
> start & end points of a loop (again with external control (or
> MIDDI). There is a glitch at the loop crossover point which has
> improved a little with a software revision but I'd really need it
> to be silent otherwise the glitch intrudes upon notes that cross
> over the loop point. The looper is in mono and doesn't have a delay
> of its own (unfortunately). Usefully, you can save the looper as a
> programme and as such, can save different versions with different
> settings.
> I am just starting to use the looper a little but mainly use it for
> all its wonderful delays and controllability. One of the most
> important things about this unit is that it has a USB port and is
> already being upgraded, V2(beta version so far) already fixes some
> major limitations of V1. To have a pedal where the manufacturer
> seem to be taking upgrades very seriously is great (and about time
> too). It is expensive. One critisism I do have (which cannot be
> mended in an upgrade) is that the box is a couple of inches shorter
> than I'd like - I find the footswitches closer together than I like.
> Hope that's useful info.
> Ian.
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Chris Sewell" <lunamusic@mac.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 11:02 PM
> Subject: Eventide Time Factor
>> I assume people are using this pedal. Im curious as to how it
>> works  as a looper. Does it output in stereo as a looper? Is
>> there  overdubbing? Any Roland like hiccups when going from record
>> to play?  I'm guessing the sound quality is fantastic.
>> Any thoughts would be appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Chris