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Re: Recommend me a 1 U mixer please

My Current mixer is the Behringer UB2442FX, and , mostely the reasaon i hate it is that its gone wrong, channels stop working, and it takes me a while to figure out if its me, my cables or the channel, then they start working again, it hisses and hums like a MF is big, heavy, faders crackle, infact the only thing I like about it is the way the reverb distorts, which is also an error.!!! Luckily I gig rarely, but when I do, I get there early and franticly test, to check if its still working after being very carefully moved.
Did you say subgroups... have to check THIS ONE!!!... Back soon..
Ahh.. not a 1U.. Yes I like the subgroups on the UB24442, I have my loopers on the end of them, returning to channels, that way I punch in and pout which looper I need. However...as long as there is ONE send, I can put ALL my loopers on that send, and choose which looper by... well by which looper I hit LOOP on, and which instrument loops, by using the send.


ps, my mac has just done a weird thing, I HAVE to have numlock selected and capslock selected to type.. if I turn off capslock I get caps, if I turn off numlock, I get numlock!! those keys are working backwards!!! weird.... Restart,,,

On Feb 9, 2008 9:57 AM, Stephen Scott <stevoj@yahoo.com> wrote:
Out of interest, which is your current Behringer mixer, and why do you dislike it so much ?  As well as my RX1602, I also have the Xenyx 1622 which, apart from a couple of very minor niggles, has also proved it's worth.  I really appreciated the sub-groups (on this 120 mixer).
mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

In an attempt to get rid of the towering racks, I am looking at racking all my looping gear into a silver case. To further this cause, can anyone recommend a 1 U mixer.

I have looked at the Rolls RM203X, 9 stereo ch.... the Soundmaster C3/C3X  8 Channel - and the 12 Input 1U mixer Behringer RX1602.

Well of course the Behringer has most channels, most features and is most like what I need, with one main problem... its Behringer. My current mixer is a Behringer, and it sucks. But then again they made the FCB 1010 no complaints there...

Any others, and have anyone got any of the above, can say nice of nasty things about them. Someone was mentioning a Peavey a while back too...


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