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Re: Torn gig on uk radio, streaming, and download later


You don't HAVE to sign up.

There is a free way to do it right there on the page.

You just have to read the fine print a little . . . it'll tell you how.

The "catch" is only that they make you wait for a minute or two in a 
window (which fortunately has a numeric "countdown") where they give 
you multiple opportunities to pay and make your wait much shorter - 
sort of like some shareware programs that make you pause for a minute 
or two before they let you go ahead and use them for free.

Try again.

I just downloaded mine.



On Feb 10, 2008, at 8:46 AM, Qua Veda wrote:

> Hi,  do you have  to sign up for fee-based service to download the 
> file?
> Qua