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Re: Triggering EDP via drum machine (SR16)

Hey Claude
very nice!
ive never tried this,what would be the advantage of
doing this with a drumpad instead of the foot
controller? more rhytmic accuracy?but then you would
have to stop playing to reach the pads by hand while
messing with the functions, no?
i like that deep bass sound is that pre-sequenced with
the drums or are you looping it with a synth?

--- Claude Voit <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:

> oups the link was wrong
> yes it is possible!! it was indeed dreamed, begged,
> and realised while
> testing and developing loopIV
> here is an example of triggering the edp by a
> sequencer while playing
> the only trick I could simply give you is do not try
> to sync the EDP
> (edp sync OFF) while doing this because it will not
> stay synced and will
> clogg the midi bandwidth)  instead retrigger the
> loop constantly (your
> sequencer can do this very easy !! )
> http://www.claudevoit.ch/dl_files/Tapio.wma
> good luck
> Claude
> Marco Coblenz a écrit :
> > Hi, Nice place here! This is my first post.  Sorry
> if the question has been answered before but I did
> not find the answer by searching the archive. I plan
> to invest in a Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. One main
> application I want to use it for are rhythmical
> loops that evolve via short quantized
> replace/substitute/insert actions. I want those
> actions to be performed automically via Midi using a
> pattern sequencer. More specifically I would use an
> alesis SR16 drum machine for the trigger patterns
> and assign midi notes to the pads. The SR16 sends an
> midi on and then midi off event with pressing a pad.
> My question is, would it work like this? Can someone
> tell by experience? Are there sync or other
> problems? Would the SR16 work in this szenario or
> should I use a different tool and which? Did someone
> has a similar application or variation of it but
> used different means? Any tips and tricks? Thanks
> ... - Marco
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