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Re: What will become of the Repeater pitch stretching techology,I wonder

> Per wrote:
> That sounds pretty amazing! Is the process true real-time? I mean, can
> you play a phrase, sample it and pitch it in one go? Or do you have to
> record the samples before you start playing?

The technology is called Variphrase. You can play a phrase and sample it 
on the fly (resampling) or use the external stereo audio input. After that 
you have to "encode" the raw sample, store it and create a patch using the 
new sample. So, you need to press a few buttons before you can control 
time, pitch and formant using midi CC's and play phrases :) Imo, the 
V-Synth isn't a real-time looper but a very interesting instrument for 
sound designers.



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