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Glitch VST plug in and looped guitar

I don't recall the free Windows VST plug-in "Glitch" being mentioned
here, so I thought I'd give it a big thumbs up.
It got a nice mention in the latest Virtual Instruments magazine, so I
downloaded it a couple of days ago. I set up a signal path in Energy
XT where my straight guitar ran parallel to a signal run through
glitch and another run through a pitch shifter (1 octave up) and
another instance of glitch. Glitch sure adds a lot of complexity to a
sound The first track on my myspace.com page, Feb172008, is a short 3
1/2 minute sample. Except for the rhythm (Wave drum, Kalimba, and
shaker) everything else is one-take and very sparse and sustained
single "glitched" guitar notes run through the Elottronix looper.
Great fun, I especially like the "Tape stop" and modulation modules.
Art Simon