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Re: gaspedal midi foot controller

Oh my, that looks lovely. It might be a bit tight for my big ass feet,  
but with the right shoes, maybe. Its so interesting that the FCB for  
all its flaws, seems to be the benchmark controller. Why Berhinger  
hasn't tried to improve on its design is a mystery. Still, 10 buttons  
with 2 pedals for about $120 bucks is hard to beat.

On Feb 19, 2008, at 7:49 PM, info at zoekeating wrote:

> I am in love with the photograph of this midi foot controller. So
> streamlined and black and without those pedals that I wish I could
> saw off the FCB1010...
> Has anyone come across or used one? Looks like a custom-ordered jobby
> http://www.guitar-systems.com/gaspedal.html