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Re: Electro Harmonix help

Title: Re: Electro Harmonix help
Just to make sure that I am perfectly clear with how you rigged this... you have one foot controller split to two EH-16 delays, and you have inserted a 0.1f in series with the 'tip' connection to one of the EH-16 and the 'ring' connection is still making full contact with that EH-16??

Tried a .1 bypass on the tip and no luck
It shuts down the foot controller until I remove the connection.

Try isolating the 'tip' connector with a capacitor (.01f or larger should do) on the cable to ONE of the units... this will block the DC but allow the serial data to pass....

I did try to drive both units in parallel and it just would not work.
It would be a poor mans stereo sync if I could find away to do it.


The EH foot controller for the reissue 16 second delay is the same as the footcontroller for the 2880 but very very different than the original 16 second delay controller.

The new style controller uses a microcontroller sending serial data to the unit and powered by the unit.
 I think a simple passive A/B selector would be all you need to have independant control of two units. It is possible that the unit could also drive two units simultaneously, but  I only have one 16 sec and one 2880 and these are mapped differently so I cannot test it.....

I have  been trying to find out if there is a way to use two of the 16 second Reissue delays units with one remote foot switch.
I have called Electro Harmonix several times and they never return my calls.

Does any one know how the foot controller works and a way for it to be happy seeing two units.

Thanks Bill


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