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Echoplex(s) for sale - 2 for 1(?)

Greetings all.

I have an Oberheim Echoplex for sale (Loop IV).  It's the original.  The feedback knob doesn't work, but other than that it functions just how you would expect.

With that I am also selling (giving away?) my Gibson Echoplex.  It, sadly, is on the fritz.  I ran an amplified signal into it (from a guitar amp) and ever since it has been acting strange.  The feedback knob works on that one though ;)

Why my Oberheim EDP isn't cutting it for me

If it is working, why would I get rid of it?  As a slave the Oberheim EDP can not record 2+ loops triggered with midi messages.  The record cycle of the second loop is delayed by a half second or so... totally defeating the concept of tempo.  I was late to discover that this is a factory glitch.  I have tried numerous workarounds (loop start point, etc.). Very frustrating when using midi.

***Now, straight looping, no slave, using the foot controller... cake.  Wonderful tool!  Used it live many a time.  Multiple loops, etc, etc, etc.  As for the defunct feedback knob, simply use a volume footcontroller and you're in business.

What about the Gibson EDP?

Well, I honestly don't know what is wrong with it, but it is definetly ON THE FRITZ.  It works fine for a while, tweaks, some strange things happening with the display... but, maybe someone out there can use it for parts(?).

You can have them one or both.  If I get enough interest I can set it up on ebay.

If you are interested come at me with a price you would pay and I will put it on ebay at a predetermined time.  Eventually I will put it up on ebay no matter what, but I thought maybe I would see here first.


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