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Re: qualities of reverb

it sounds like a delay combined with some kind of cathedral reverb  

On Feb 28, 2008, at 9:05 AM, Michael Peters wrote:

> sometimes I love to listen to the dreamy music of Harold Budd, or  
> Robin
> Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Their pianos and guitars are often drenched  
> in a
> very long and dense reverb that would put the Taj Mahal to shame -  
> this
> reverb has a depth, richness, and aliveness that is lovely to listen  
> to, it
> is not the linear, cold, and boring reverb that comes out of my  
> Nanoverb.
> How do they achieve that? it often doesn't sound as if they would  
> simply use
> echo or chorus to fatten the sound, it often seems to be nothing but  
> reverb.
> Is it just a matter of using one expensive reverb unit? Are there  
> reverb
> units which can create such a sound out of the box?
> I've put a Robin Guthrie sample here as an example:
> http://www.veloopity.de/temp/guthrie.mp3
> Michael www.michaelpeters.de