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Re: workaround for gap in first loop? (was: Boss RC50 delay issues)

electro harmonix' 2880 has the same problem: when you close a loop, the first bit gets swallowed and reappears after repetition of the first loop. you can work around by playing/singing what's supposed to be there on the one.
unfortunately this little bitty of overlap will land in the next track.
not nice...
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Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: workaround for gap in first loop? (was: Boss RC50 delay issues)

this is very true...If you turn off the loop quantize you get a volume drop when you begin recording your phrase but upon playback there is NO GAP...I do not use the loop quantize and I get no gap in sound whatsoever upon playback....My only complaint thus far with the RC50 unit at this point is the timestretch is unusable and that was the MAIN reason I bought it. Other then that this unit so far has proven to be more then I need but YMMV.

On Feb 27, 2008, at 3:37 PM, Sjaak wrote:

I've seen a lot of complaints about the RC-50 on this list. Imo the issue is caused by the loop quantize feature and infact it's documented in the 1.01 OS release notes. But if you carefully read the release notes the workaround is not to use the rhythmn mode. Let's first take a good look at the release notes.

* Priority Given to Rhythm (Factory Default) *
This preserves the performance rhythm from the time that recording started.
When you operate the pedal, the performance-start location is adjusted and playback is started accordingly. Although it may sometimes sound as if playback has started from the middle of a phrase, from the following loop, playback takes place as recorded.

* Priority Given to Sound *
This starts playback from the beginning of the recorded data.

Note, however, that for the rhythm guide, recorded phrases, or recordings synchronized with MIDI, playback starts with “Rhythm Priority.”

What you have to do is this:
- put your RC-50 in Sound Priority mode (see release notes for details)
- do NOT use the Rhythm guide; this will turn the loop quantize feature on and causes the gap

Btw: I've tested the issue 25 times today and imo above procedure avoids the problem. I hope this helps :)

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