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Re: EDP midi offsets

youhou, Phillip!

I understand your problem is that the fcb1010 only sends on one MIDI  
but remember the EDP can receive Notes or CC equally
so you could use notes for two units and CC for the third, for  
example, no? (I dont have a fcb1010...)

good luck

On 27 Feb 2008, at 22:28, phillip wilson wrote:

> hi once again...
> thanks to the cumulative efforts of many people on this list  
> especially Andy Ewan and Matthias I now have 3 echoplex units  
> working upgraded to loop 4 and free of hums.
> I have decided to hook them all up together and get the fcb1010  
> out...they are all working and the latency is not a real issue for  
> me however im a little stuck.. offsets....
> does anyone know the absoloute midi offsets for running three loop4  
> echoplex's off one behringer fcb101 ??
> when  i programmed edp 1 into the fcb1010 i deliberatly had the  
> lowest offset option (i knew back then when i would be like now)
> fine...
> i added in edp2 and programmed from where i left off offsetwise..  
> however i noticed once i got the the highest numbers i use (22-sus  
> replace i think) the offset i had chosen started wrapping round the  
> fist echoplex with no offset and i was thus activating unwanted  
> funcitons on edp1 while controlling edp 2
> no problem as such...i moved the offset on edp2 to a few other  
> numbers and in the end found that 48 was enough to leave me clear  
> (but i dont know by how much..there may be bags of room, i just  
> picked it cos it seemed high)
> but then i add in edp3 ....
> first up i tried using an offset of 64 .... i figured that 0 - 48 -  
> 64 seemed like easy numbers to work with, however i kept triggering  
> unwanted reactions in echoplex2
> I knew 48 left me clear before so i doubled this offset giving me 96..
> this was great and worked however the final button i have is  
> reset(25)...and basically with the offset i would need a midi number  
> of 131....obviously midi cops out at 127 so basically edp3 cant be  
> reset via midi
> so finally my question is...does anyone know the absoloute midi  
> offsets for running three loop4 echoplex's off one behringer fcb101  
> without  interference with each other if the highest non offset  
> number i use is 25.
> thanks
> Phill MyOneManBand