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FS: Custom Loooper 4-way A/B/C/D/YY switch

Greetings, and sorry about all the FS posts; hopefully, these'll soon  
be over…

I had David at loooper.com (not apparently still making stuff…?) make  
me a switch that sends an input out to any selectable combination of 4  
destinations; a picture's here:


I used it to access 4 different modeling multiFX, each of which fed a  
mixer, so they didn't have to be returned to the loooper. I ran it  
with a standard Boss power adapter, but also had a battery clip  
installed on the outside in case I ever wanted to run it by battery,  
in which case the six screws on the back-plate would have seemed  
punitive to me… This could easily be removed/repositioned inside. The  
paint-job was my only disappointment with the unit; it seems to flake  
at the wimpiest of brushes with other things…

I don't need it any more, so it's FS; first to you guys, then off to  

I'd like to get $135 for it, plus shipping.

1096 Winchuck River Road
Brookings, OR 97415