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NYC: the return of openLoop, June 11; call for loopers

Hello, Loopers.  I'm very happy to announce the return of openLoop http://loopny.com/ at the Jack the Pelican Presents gallery http://jackthepelicanpresents.com/, as part of the Northside Arts Festival.  http://www.northsidefestival.com/

I'll be starting to loop around 6PM and we'll be going late.  

I'll send the finalized information closer to the date but I'd also like to call for loopers who wish to participate in this activity to contact me!

There's no pay but there are a gazillion people and press and I'll be documenting and recording all of it.

(In fact, I have all four days suddenly - Thursday's openLoop, Friday's probably DJs, Saturday is bands and groups, Sunday's acoustic, so if you have something entertaining that you'd like to show off in a gallery, lay it on me.)

loop on....