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Preset Dump/Midi Saving?

I have been on and off list for some years, and have a slightly off topic question about saving data from my midi controller and effects unit. 

I have two pieces of equipment:  a Rocktron Prophesy and an All Access Midi Controller.. 
I would like to save the settings from these two pieces of equipment, should I ever need to reprogram the equipment...or should
I ever need to replace them. 

My question is: 
Isn't there a way I can connect from the MIDI out of these devices, directly to my  computer (Mac), and thus save the
information directly on my laptop?  Thereby allowing me to load the data in the future directly from my laptop?
If so...what hardware and software would I need for this? I am looking for economical, and able to travel easily....my concern is having to
re-program on the road.  

Thank you in advance,
Donovan Stokes 

PS:  Also, if you are in near Penn State on Thursday, June 11 at 2 pm I am doing a loop based concert at the Pavillion Theatre.