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Re: Antwerp Loopfest - video

Hi Stephen,

As it's a list for consenting adults, I can explain...

... it's a bubble machine.

Seriously. Without the bubbles though.
Basically a foam rubber fan... highly recommended!

Anders, there was a plan for who'd start each segment, suggested key 
and Os - who loops the guitar - had some effects chains set up.
But apart from that, nothing prepared.

Big thank-you to Sjaak for giving us the opportunity!
The setting definitely helped.


On 2 Jun 2009, at 21:07, Stephen Scott wrote:

> Without wishing to appear naive or stupid (but probably appearing  
> both naive and stupid simultaneously), is that really a vibrator  
> that Michael is using to excite his strings during that last piece?
> Stephen
> www.myspace.com/sylvianfisher