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Re: Preset Dump/Midi Saving?

At 10:12 PM -0400 6/2/09, donearlsto wrote:
>Both devices support SysEx and can Dump, and also Load....mostly 
>what I am wondering about is what hardware (some sort of midi 
>interface) and Mac Software I could use.

You're 90% there!

For hardware, any decent USB MIDI interface should work just fine. 
I've used an M-Audio Uno in the past, and it didn't set me back any 
more than $50 new.  Also, if you're looking at doing any other music 
on the computer, most controller keyboards have built-in MIDI 
interfaces that you could use too.

As far as software, most of the decent commercial products (Cubase, 
Logic) handle SysEx without issue.  That's probably a bit of 
overkill, though.  I'd see if any of those aforementioned interfaces 
come bundled with a "light" copy of a sequencer.  (Aside: I've not 
used Ableton for SysEx dumps, so I don't know if their Live Lite 
version -- which comes bundled everywhere -- would work properly.)

Or, you might pick up a copy of Computer Music magazine.  There 
should be a Mac compatible sequencer on the program DVD that comes 
with it, and I'd be surprised if it didn't support System Exclusive.

Personally, I've got a demo copy of Rondo, from fracturedSoftware. 
It's a bit of a pain, because you need to pick the functions you want 
to demo upon program boot each time.  But I only go through SysEx 
dumps, like, once a year; maybe not even that much.  So I've never 
bothered to move beyond the demo.  Works okay for me.

Hope that helps!

"the wind in my heart; the dust in my head...."