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Re: mastering plug ins

You know, you can spend a lot of time and energy on the mastering
project, but I swear some of the best armature mixes I've heard came
from a guitarist I used to play with.  All he did was run his master
buss though a light compressor, graphic EQ and a DBX exciter. (all
hardware, this was pre-computer daw).  One day I caught him in the
process and what he did was first run a song with a similar feel
though the setup and look at the display on the graphic EQ while in
bypass.  He then ran his program though it and tried to use the eq to
get the same look in the audio spectrum.  Hilarious.  He admitted he
just used this method as a starting point, but the real truth is, in
the end he probably really good at listening.  I suspect the spectrum
display was probably more of a placebo than anything else.  He was
only doing 4 track cassette recordings, but his always sounded great.