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Re: Antwerp photos

Good idea. Compared to the laptop screen and keytar, I'll revise my 
estimate. Rick is actually grown to the height of an oak and though his 
legs are 20 feet long, just haven't caught up to the rest of him yet. I 
can't wait to hear when he starts banging VW Beetles together for 

Math is harrrd!

Daryl Shawn

>> Rick, did you cut down your legs to save space when traveling?? you look
>> 3 feet tall!
> Now Daryl, by applying a few simple estimates, you can quickly
> calculate that for yourself:
>   * the laptop screen or the keyboard in the room corner can server as
> gauges for distance
>   * the angle between the edges of the room can server to estimate the
> focal length
>   * the relation of the size in the picture between the (known) size
> of the laptop screen and the (known) size of the keyboard can give an
> estimate for the distance between them,
>   * thus allowing you to estimate the width of one floor panel,
>   * thus allowing you to estimate Rick's height
> It's as simple as that :-P