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looping works of various sorts at SubZero festival in San Jose, Friday night

At the SubZero festival in San Jose this Friday night, SHARE San Jose 
(http://share-sj.org) will have a booth with a variety of
extremely interactive and experimental visual and musical activities, 
featuring new works by David Tristram, Peter Nyboer, and Tim
Thompson.  Looping abounds.  David has a pen-based visual instrument 
(looping and processing of hand-drawn gestures), Peter is
working on a user-submitted (via email, in realtime) photo visual mix, and 
Tim has his LoopyCam (8 realtime-captured and processed
video loops) and a prototype of a musical controller (4-track MIDI 
looping) for a Burning Man installation.

The SubZero festival is a street fair on South First Street in San Jose, 
CA, this Friday from 6pm to midnight.  Around 100 artists
and musicians are participating.  See these pages for descriptions of what 
will be going on: