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RE: Antwerp Loopfest - video

> Lovely music Darkroom Dudes, and big congratulations on a great Festival
> Sjaak! Wish I could have been there sharing the magic, love, and 
> with all of you cool people. Have a great time in rome.
>  Bill

Darkroom was absolutely one of the personal highlights of the Antwerp 
festival. It's really great to
organize festivals like these, meet your virtual friends in real life, 
listen to different styles of music
and chill out. This was my first festival I've organized and played and I 
can everyone encourage to do
the same and have a great time with people from this fantastic live 
looping community.

Btw: the Firenze festival of yesterday evening was very nice and well 
organized. The order of the
performers was the Koan Ensemble, Fabio Anile, Sjaak Overgaauw, Per Boysen 
and Rick Walker and
we ended with a 30 minutes jam session.  This open air amphiteatro was a 
perfect place for this type
of performances, good atmosphere, beautiful lights and quite some public. 
Thank you Massimo and

We'll be leaving to Rome tomorrow night, we'll keep you posted.

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