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Re: Anyone into multi (frequency) band panning?

Per Boysen wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just thinking about the option of slapping a multi frequency
> band panner on the main looper output (since the Mobius AU doesn't yet
> support separate track outputs) and was wondering if someone has
> experimented with this?
> No time for building this now though, hence the interest in hearing
> about other's experiences.

Much easier to do it by simply putting an EQ on each channel.
Can work quite well if the response is carefully fitted to the
source material, I've managed to pan sax left, trumpet right
fairly convincingly using broad (lo-Q) peaks and corresponding troughs.

However you do it, disadvantage is that layers with similar freq content 
will all tend to be
panned to the same position, exactly the opposite of setting up
a good mix.