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New free toys in Mac v10.5

I just happened to se these developer release notes on Mac OS X v10.5: 

I'm particularly excited over the part labeled Core Audio (quoting:)

Core Audio includes the following new features in Mac OS X v10.5:

  • A set of high-level services for playing and recording digital audio; see “Audio Queue”
  • Support for OpenAL v1.1; see “OpenAL”
  • An updated version of the AU Lab application; see “AU Lab”
  • The new HAL Lab application for testing and debugging audio hardware and drivers.
  • New audio unit properties in the Audio Unit framework that let audio units send MIDI data to host applications
  • A new set of high-level services (called Audio File Stream Services) in the Audio Toolbox framework for reading non random-access audio streams.
  • Four new panner audio units (based on the new AUPannerBase class) that support surround sound:
    • The sound field panner unit (AUSoundFieldPanner)
    • The spherical head panner unit (AUSphericalHeadPanner)
    • The vector panner unit (AUVectorPanner)
    • The head-related transfer function (HRTF) panner unit (HRTFPanner)

Seems you will be able to mock up some really cool future instruments for mac laptop musicians! 

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen