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RE: computer stuff, Firewire etc. (was multiple threads)

> I find it hard to believe that the presence of a Ricoh chip on a 
>motherboard with a disabled driver can somehow interfere with the 
>operation of a Firewire device on a PCI card.

It works differently the way I understand it:
In notebooks (note that this works differently for "real" computers in
some cases), you typcially have one chipset which handles several
peripheral functions. If that given chipset has that "bad DPC
behaviour", then you can simply disable it and you're safe...BUT that
chipset usually not only controls the IEEE1394, but the ExpressCard
slot as well. And as the only option that makes sense to get IEEE1394
into a notebook which doesn't already have it is the express card...

In short: the disabled Ricoh chip won't interfere with the operation
of your computer. But the chip being disabled will keep you from
adding an additional IEEE1394 interface.