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Re: octave shifter for winds

silvain, you should try it out first. the voiceworks is doing pitch 
recognition. most machines of that kind fail in the upper register of 
e.g. the flute and you will get some nasty sounding scramble instead of 
a good pitch shift. any note higher than the human voice will be 
when i use the voice live with the flute, i play only in the lowest 
octave, anything higher sounds bad.
if you are looking for good pitch shifting, check out the whammy 
products of digitech, you can even whistle into them and have stable 2 
oct up and down.

here is an example of voice live use with flute
(starts at min 01:53)

here is an example of pitch shifting with a whammy including whistling 
(starts at 1:41)


Sylvain Poitras schrieb:
> Thanks for your help, I've been checking specs and listening to demos
> all weekend...  I think I'll have to go with the voiceworks.  Looks
> like a great little unit, and it's got midi control.
> Sylvain