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optimizing vista for looping...

Hey all.

I started finding the limits of my old laptop a bit too often and when
my general use PC died I figured it was time to maybe upgrade my music
machine to a desktop and relegate my old music machine to a basic
general use/surfing machine.

So I now find myself in Vista land.  As far as I can tell, it's XP
with a coat of paint and a bunch of OSX like widgets running. I'm just
going to be running Live 8 and the usual suspects, including Mobius
(of course) and I'm just wondering if there's anything specific to do
to make the machine optimized for music production. I would have
chosen XP, but that wasn't a choice so I guess I'm stuck with it for
the time being, so don't say "Install XP on it" as I don't have a
license and I'd like to get Vista working long enough to tide me over
until Windows 7.