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Re: thanks list

On Jun 15, 2009, at 9:07 AM, Daryl Shawn wrote:

I'm in Portland OR, having played the 18th show of my tour, and had to send a thanks for the support last night from Bob Collier, JD Devros, and Rev Fever - so great to meet all of you. Of course I also met Nevyn, who played a fascinating and powerful set - really great work.

a second thanks to Bob and the Rev for the gifts of music for the road, and to the Rev for showing me sights and escorting me to my next destination.

y'all are the best.

Daryl Shawn

The pleasure of meeting Daryl, Bob Collier, JD Devros, and Nevyn was mutual for me, as well. Both Daryl and Nevyn did great, and very different sets. 
Best o' both worlds!  I just wish some other Portland area, etc LDers could have made it. (We know yer out there! :-)) 
Ah well. Maybe next time another out of town LDer comes to Portland?

Rev Fever

PS- JD also did a great set later that evening with another band he is in, Negara, at a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant! (Bete-Lukas.Thanx for the tip on that place, JD!) 

PPS- Hey Daryl, I hope ya were able to get a ticket to see Shellac!? :-)