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Re: drops

Hi Aaron,

The reason why I was fairly invisible to LD - and vice versa - since 
was that I switched web and mail hosts, and the new host had a version of 
SpamAssassin that flagged then threw away LD posts because the mail list 
uses performs a trick making it appear as if all posts are addressed to 
'Loopers-Delight @ loopers-delight.com' (minus the spaces).  As this is 
apparently a common spammer trick spam filters will just throw the message 
away, and unless one has logs set to 'on' on this stuff one will never 
the message was even sent to you.

My only visible messages from LD in all that time, as a result, were the 
acknowledgements from subscribe/unsubscribe requests.  I wonder what was 
appearing on-list to the rest of you?  Thoughts of the old 'unsub' jokes 
came back to me in this time.

Solution: Get your web/mail hoster to add loopers-delight.com to the 
whitelist they use.  End of problem.

> Hate to do it ... but this is just a test.  For some reason LD seems to 
> dropping some of my posts lately ... does anyone else have intermitten 
> problems posting?