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Re:TC electronic interface

Hi Sjaak,

I'm using a PC and running xp sp3. The local store loaned me an 896 
HD and I also tried out the ultralight and would get this occasional 
dropout proceeded by a micro second high frequency squeal and pop. 
I've tried every firewire card I could get my hands on, made sure 
that they had the Texas Instruments chipset, not running anything 
else on the computer, optimized the operating system. I've spent 
hours talking with the store technicians and on the phone with Motu 
and tried every solution they could think of except changing over to a mac.

This has all been with an Intel motherboard, Intel duo core cpu and 4 gig 

I have a focusrite saphire pro 26I/O that works with it no issues, 
but was wanting to run a second computer to process midi synth sounds 
into my present setup. I am also hoping to use this to interface my 
Yamaha O3D via Adat into the computer.


At 04:40 AM 6/17/2009, you wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've been looking for a half rack size interface. I've checked out
> > the Motu ultralight but had some compatibility issues
>Hi Paul,
>I'm using the Motu Ultralite on OSX 10.5 since Jan '09 and I haven't 
>had a single hic-up with it. What specific issues did you experience?
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