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Re: OT: Eno about record business

> Just wondering when the last time Eno played live on stage was
Personally, I've see him playing live in 2002, here in Rome.
He had never sat and between songs (it was the "Drawn From Life" tour,
with Peter Schwalm and other five musicians on drums, bass, guitar,
violin and percussion) he was all the time jocking with audience and
doing funny things with vocoider and a kaoss pad.
But I dont' think it's relevant how many gigs he does,
due to the fact that he is not "just" a musician, but also a producer,
a visual artist and more....
> It's not narrow minded as an observation of the audiences at every
single loopfest I've ever gone to.  The audience are the performers.
There are a narrow slice of people who do go to shows for the music,but we're a sadly small minority.
Interesting point. At the last loopfest in Rome there were more than 50 persons paying for the show.
When I saw Eivind Aarset, about a month ago, there were less than 40 persons in the audience...
So can you say the loopfestival was a succesfull events compared to the Aarset gig ? 
Yes (in my opinion :-) but that's really different from the "music business" Eno is talking about, I think...
And I also think it's true what he says about the increasing number of music Festivals araising in the world nowdays (..i'm not referring to the loopfestivals now....)