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RE: Augustus Loop, Little Spacy and Crossfade Loop Synth

The recent mini euro-tour was inspiring in many ways: playing live, meeting
friends, listening to create music...and I also learned a lot ;) One of the
things I deciced to do is changing a few things in my setup and also the 
to build up a composition. I've added now Augustus Loop, Little Spacy and
Crossfade Loop Synth as pre-looper effects on a Mainstage channel strip and
these are controlled by the Korg Nanocontrol. 

What I especially like about this improved setup is the random feeling it
creates, a better flow etc. Here's the live improv I recorded tonight
(11:30) with this setup.
http://euroloopfest.com/sjaak/podcast/18_Sleepers.mp3 Enjoy :)