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Re: ot: In search of suggestions for odd stompboxes

the Devi Ever site http://deviever.com/ has a great forum also. Including 
section on DIY fx building and moding. I have not found the time to do 
of this but want to.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Mech" <mech@m3ch.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: ot: In search of suggestions for odd stompboxes

> At 9:45 PM +0200 6/18/09, Rainer Straschill wrote:
>>so I've ever so slightly started to turn my back a little to blown-up
>>rack gear and complex computer systems and instead decided to fall in
>>love with stompboxes a little bit.
> Beautiful, Rainer.  Don't think you'll regret it.
> In the past, I've already suggested Devi Ever FX, so you can find that 
> detail in the archives.
> Also, The Squarewave Parade puts out some bizarre and brilliant 
> noiseboxes.  You kind of have to check back on a regular basis, as 
> Steven's interests change frequently so he may only put out, say, 10 
> copies of a given model.
> For example, a few weeks ago, he released a little utility box called 
> Bleak Blink which, when shaken/kicked, gave the same intermittent 
> effect as a bad cable.  A lot of his current energy right now is 
> to the Teaspoon CAS, which is a granular/glitch effect (and a whole lot 
> more) in a stompbox format.
> Since it seems you rather like delay lines, you might look at the 
> Quicksilver (now distributed by Ooh La La Manufacturing). It's a delay 
> unit with a built-in external feedback loop.  You can put whatever other 
> stomps you like into the loop, which will then re-process every new 
> iteration of the echo.
> If you scan through the stompbox pages at Analogue Haven, you'll find 
> of different possibilities.  Fuzz/distortion is the most popular 
> it seems, but there's a lot of other stuff in there if you bother to 
> That's how I found my Audible Disease Junk-Fi Sampler a year or so ago. 
> Looked good on paper, and, boy, is it strange in real life.
> Similarly, try the NoiseFX website.  It's harder to navigate (not to 
> mention that all the soundclips are focused solely on, er, noise) but 
> it'll give you more ideas for research, and they will deal just as well 
> used boxes that may have missed their potential market (Dod Meatbox, 
> etc.).
> Finally, you might also look at delving into circuit bending some of 
> existing stomps, or buying cheap crap boxes just to experiment on.  You 
> can also get some one-of-a-kind devices from "semi-pro" benders if you 
> don't want to do the work yourself.  I picked up a circuit bent Boss 
> from a builder/artist named Spunky Toofers, and it is one of the most 
> bizarre/useful stomps I've ever had -- 
> getting effects I previously thought only possible on a computer.
> Though with a little practice, you could easily roll your own.
> Good luck!
> --m.
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> "take one step outside yourself. the whole path lasts no longer than one 
> step..."