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Re: Augustus Loop, Little Spacy and Crossfade Loop Synth

> wow...stunning!

Hi Sim,
What I learned from the recent festivals when performing live is that I 
ran out of ideas too quikly and that I ended up with compositions which 
were too static or took too long before they would become interesting. So 
I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and I've been 
experimenting with the way I was using my pre-loopers. The general flow is 
still the same as before:

* Synth sounds -> Pre-Fx -> Pre-loopers -> LP1

Old pre-loopers
* Little Spacy or Augustus Loop

New pre-loopers (in series)
* Little Spacy
* Crossfade Loop Synth
* Augustus Loop

So what you hear in this demo is the effect of short unsynced delays going 
into Crossfade Loop Synth which results in 3 synced loops at different 
pitch/speed which go into an analog delay of 0-8 sec's with 30-40% 
feedback (Augustus). I have "transferred" 3 of these loops to different 
unsynced tracks on the LP1, with different feedback and speed settings. I 
also used the scramble function I think.

Anyway, thinking about what some other loopers have shown in Antwerp, 
Firenze and Rome, there's a lot more to discover and learn for me... which 
is good and fun!

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